Track Date and time Hall Duration
ESIR Poster Sessions Tuesday, 22. September 2015., 17:40 New campus 140’

Geology and Paleoclimatology

  • GP9-P    A. Giurgiu, F. Forray, I. Tanțău, C. Roman
    Cave sediments as time capsule: The Aeneolithic and Early Bronze in Poiana Ruscă Mts. (Romania)
  • GP10-P    S. Pawelczyk, B. Sensula, A. Pazdur
    Stable isotopes in tree rings from Southern Poland and Eastern Carpathian: temporal stability of climatic signal versus pollution emissions
  • GP11-P    Gy. Czuppon, A. Demeny, Z. Siklosy, S. Leel-Ossy, K. Lin, C.-C. Shen
    The 8.2 kyr event in Central Europe recorded by combined H-C-O isotope compositions of calcite and inclusion-hosted water of a stalagmite
  • GP12-P    Á. Török, A. Mindszenty, S. Kele, R. Swennen
    Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the “Gazda” travertine quarry based on sedimentological and geochemical studies (Süttő, Gerecse Hills, Hungary)
  • GP13-P    E.Z. Yakovlev, G.P. Kiselev
    Uranium isotope disequilibrium as an indicator for interaction ore matter with enclosing sediments rocks of Arkhangelski kimberlite tube from Lomonosov field
  • GP14-P    M. Janiga, I. Matyasik
    Carbon and hydrogen isotopic composition (GC-C-IRMS) of natural gas acquired from Polish shale formations

Ecology and Environmental Research

  • EE10-P    T. Kanduč, Z. Šlejkovec, U. Kristan, A. Baričević, D. Pavičić Hamer, B. Hamer
    Quality of Mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis at mariculture locations from NE Adriatic (Croatia): insights from condition indexes, stable isotopes and selected elements
  • EE11-P    B. Gebus, S. Chmiel, A. Trembaczowski , S. Hałas
    Isotopic studies of nitrates (δ15N, δ18O) and phosphates (δ18O) in the assessment of the eutrophication reasons in Zemborzycki Lagoon
  • EE12-P    B. Biega, D. Kufka, M.-O. Jędrysek
    Isotopic signatures of methane and carbon dioxide from mixed maize silage and manure fermentation
  • EE13-P    D. Costinel, R. Elena Ionete, O.-R. Dinca, A.-M. Iordache, I. Stefanescu
    Assessing the influence of ecosystems on stable isotopes and trace elements signature in plants
  • EE14-P    M. Yu. Sinai, V.G. Povarov, M.A. Kulkova
    Carbon and oxygen stable isotopes in paleo-environmental reconstructions
  • EE15-P    A. Sironić, N. Horvatinčić, J. Barešić, I. Krajcar Bronić
    Carbon isotope fractionation during photosynthesis in submerged moss and aquatic plants
  • EE16-P    M. Lojović, B. Marošanović
    Determination of the authenticity fruit spirits by isotope ratio mass spectrometry
  • EE17-P    A. I. Janeiro, P. Saragoça, A.-F. Maurer, L. Soberl, M. da Conceição Lopes, I. Leandro, C. Umbelino, C. Barrocas-Dias
    Using stable isotopes from human bones to infer the diet of a Late Antiquity population from the Roman villae of Alpendre dos Lagares (Lusitania)
  • EE18-P    V. Nagavciuc
    The climatic signal recorded by Swiss stone pine (Pinus Cembra L.) tree-ring oxygen and carbon isotopes in NE Romania

Karst environment

  • KE8-P    I. Krajcar Bronić, J. Barešić, A. Sironić, N. Horvatinčić
    Stable isotope composition of surface and deep waters from Plitvice Lakes
  • KE9-P    P. Kotula, W. Andrejczuk, J. Pawlyta
    Carbon isotopic investigations of Zolushka Cave

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