Keynote Lectures

(in alphabetical order of the lecturer)

  • Albrecht Leis, Martin Dietzel, Pierpaolo Saccon, Hermann Stadler, Joel Saverino, Jan Kaiser: Use of isotopes and selected chemical tracers to investigate the origin and fate of nitrate in aquatic systems
  • Sonja Lojen, T. Kanduč, S. Zavadlav, B. Kranjc, N. Ogrinc, K. Mezga: Carbon cycling in karstic areas: application of traditional and potential of non-traditional stable isotopes
  • Kazimierz Rozanski: Time scales of groundwater flow: A contemporary perspective
  • Thomas Müller, Gerhard Strauch, Khalid S. Al-Mashaikhi, Werner Aeschbach-Hertig: Groundwater Dynamic in Southern Oman – A Multi-Isotope Approach
  • Maša Surić: Speleothems as archives of Quaternary palaeoenvironmental changes in Croatian karst – isotopic approach