Track Date and time Hall Duration
ESIR Poster Sessions Monday, 21. September 2015., 17:40 New campus


  • GC9-P    M. Jakubiak, M. Modelska, S. Buczynski, M. Wcislo, W. Drzewicki, M.-O. Jedrysek
    Variations of δ34S(SO42-) and sulphate content in water from precipitation to groundwater drainage in Tylicz area (Beskidy Mountains, SW Poland)
  • GC10-P    S. Lojen, I. Jurina, I. Sondi
    Deposition and sources of sedimentary organic matter in the Neretva deltaic plain and coastal area: its relation to the sediment surface properties
  • GC11-P    D. Hamryszczak, W. Drzewicki, M. Malkiewicz, M.-O. Jędrysek
    Isotopic and palynological signatures of the paleoclimatic conditions of peat bog from the polar region (south-western Spitsbergen)
  • GC12-P    S. Herenda, G. Radović-Rajević , E. Zovko
    Gammaspectrometric determination of radionuclides in soil
  • GC13-P    Ł. Pleśniak, S. Lojen, M. Jakubiak, M.-O. Jędrysek, S. Žigon, M. Bucha, M. Janiga, D. Kufka, J. Krajniak, M. Matusewicz
    Carbon, hydrogen and sulphur isotopic analysis to trace migration of natural gas in the enhanced gas recovery system
  • GC14-P    I. Forisz, I. Hegyi, B. Bajnóczi, V. Mozgai, M. Szabó, M. Tóth
    The effect of non-carbonate soil components on the measured isotopic composition of carbonate


  • HG5-P    T. Kanduč, B. Rožič, M. Gaberšek, M. Zega, P. Žvab Rožič, T. Verbovšek
    Hydrogeochemical and isotopic characteristics of the Žveplenica sulphide karstic spring (Trebuša Valley, NW Slovenia)
  • HG6-P    M. Surić, N. Lončar, N. Buzjak, R. Lončarić
    Altitudinal and seasonal isotope variation in meteoric and cave drip water in north Dalmatia (Croatia) – importance for the palaeoenvironmental studies
  • HG7-P    T. Ferjan Stanič, K. Mezga, J. Urbanc, S. Lojen
    Use of stable isotopes for tracing contamination in a groundwater protection area (Dravsko polje aquifer, NE Slovenia)
  • HG8-P    Z. Roller-Lutz, T. Matsumoto, L.Han, H.O. Lutz, T. Hunjak, P. Aggarwal
    Groundwater mixing in the Gacka Area (Croatia), as revealed by stable water isotopes, tritium, CFCs and noble gases
  • HG9-P    N. Rman, T. Kanduč
    Isotopic composition and geochemistry of mineral water springs and mofettes, a case study of Slovenia
  • HG10-P    S. Kapelj, J. Loborec, J. Kapelj
    Trans-boundary character of the several springs recharge area of the Middle Dalmatia, Croatia
  • HG11-P    N. Piotrowska, A. Gabryś, W. Tylmann, A. Bonk
    Isotopic investigations of contemporary carbonate sedimentation in lakes from N Poland
  • HG12-P    A. Koroša, N. Mali, A. Leis
    Deuterium as a tracer in experimental  hydrogeology
  • HG13-P    C-A. Bădăluţă
    Distribution of stable isotopes composition in river waters from Romania  – preliminary investigations

Methods and Instrumental Techniques

  • MI9-P    V. Sevastyanov, N. Babulevich, E. Galimov
    Application of a solid electrolyte reduction reactor in CF-IRMS for δ15N determination of organic substances
  • MI10-P    E. Reizer, H. Simon, S. Kelemen, A. I. Gabor, R.-Cs. Begy
    Different potential uncertainties in the 210Pb dating method
  • MI11-P    A. Pacek, S. Hałas, T. Pieńkos
    Precise determination of isotopic composition of lithium and potassium with use of improved three-filament thermal ionization ion source for TIMS
  • MI12-P    Cs. Molnár, T. Lukács, E. Horváth Némethné, M. Gyapjas
    Isoprime100 instrument and gas geochemical application, determination of thermal maturity
  • MI13-P    E. A. Nesterov, V. S. Skuridin, E. S. Stasyuk, N. V. Varlamova, A.S. Rogov, V. L. Sadkin, L. A. Larionova, A. A. Nesterov, V. I. Otmakhov
    Investigation and development of generator of technetium-99m based on activation and wasteless technology
  • MI14-P    I. Krajcar Bronić, J. Barešić, N. Horvatinčić
    Application of 14C method for biogenic component determination in waste and liquid fuels